Project Programs

  • Plant a Tree in Your Yard!
  • Trees in Memory
  • Adopt-a-Tree

Ongoing Projects

Giving our city trees extra care by re-staking, watering, fertilizing, mulching and pruning.

  • Add trees for school campuses
  • Add trees to all parks
  • Replace and add California native plants to Overlook Drive by Huntington Central Park, and to pocket parks
  • Add mulch around all trees
  • Add milkweed plants to attract Monarch Butterflies to the parks
  • Continue plantings at Secret Garden, Urban Forest, Overlook Drive, Gibbs and Helme Parks
  • Encourage all students to help us plant
  • Review park landscape plans to locate missing and dead trees that need to be replaced

Donations are needed for upcoming projects! Click here to learn more about plans for 2016 and beyond.