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  1. WOW! What a fantastic looking site! Thanks for all you do to make Huntington Beach a beautiful place!

  2. Great website. Can’t wait to plant trees with you someday.

  3. Thanks for representing the trees. Trees are great teachers of patience and acceptance.I am so greatfull for trees because of the way they demonstrate generosity and unconditional loving by constantly transmitting sunlight energy into clean air for all animals to breathe , and purify the water for us to drink.

  4. Hooray trees! Thanks for the doing good works. Lovely website. May we all blossom and grow like the the butterflies and trees.

  5. Thanks for planting the cherry trees at HB Central Park. My family is happy to have memorial trees designated for our Mom and brother and we look forward to watching them grow as the years go by.

  6. I think what you do is special and so important to keep and restore the beauty of Huntington beach. Thank you.

  7. love your efforts Jean

  8. Huntington View Garden Club is proud sponsor of Gibbs & Shipleys! Thanks for all you do for Huntington Beach.

  9. I am a Master Gardener and would like to get involved with the Huntington Beach Tree Society.

  10. We welcome volunteers, Patrick, and invite you to join us on our work day-which is usually Saturday. We will have a team of high school boys helping us on 5/30 so join us in the UF at 9 am. Parking is across the street from the entrance.

  11. Fantastic website. Thanks for spreading the tree love! :)