nursery HB Trees volunteers were given the opportunity to propagate native milkweed and stage other California-friendly and native plants at the HB Wetlands Conservancy’s plant nursery. This narrow leaf milkweed is used by the Monarch caterpillars to feed on, and for the female to lay her eggs on its leaves. We distribute these plants to anyone interested in planting them in their yards to increase the population of the Monarchs.
     Potting soil and narrow leaf milkweed starters are needed. 
nursery2-2 nursery3


California water-wise natives, like this monkey flower, are needed. 

With funding, we’ll continue to add CA-friendly and fire-resistant plants in the HB parks and along the Shipley to Shore Nature Trail. 

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  • City trees bring enormous economic benefits to those who live near them by increasing property value and giving savings in

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