Urban Forest Pedestrian Bridge

Preliminary bridge design

In its current condition, the creek crossing in the Huntington Beach Urban Forest is an unsightly hazard in otherwise spectacular surroundings.

The Huntington Beach Tree Society (HBTS) envisions what’s possible: a long-lasting and picturesque pedestrian bridge that will:

  • Improve public safety
  • Connect the Urban Forest’s scenic trails
  • Serve as a scenic setting for special-moments photography
  • Become a site for Girl Scout Bridging and other special ceremonies
  • Enhance wellness walks by beautifying the landscape with an iconic HB bridge.

In 2021, HBTS paid for a preliminary design (above), purchased and acquired an extensive, professional Hydrology Report, and received a substantial donation of river rock. Funds are now needed to clear the stream, stabilize the embankment, finalize the design and construct the bridge.

For questions or to arrange a tour of the site, please call HB Trees President Jean Nagy at 562-760-0733.

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Click here to view the Hydrology Report.

Future site of the HB Urban Forest bridge