Scouting Outings with HB Trees

September 2023

Creek beautification

Urban Forest, Summer 2023

June 2023

Charlie Gibbons planted Red Bark Eucalyptus trees for his Eagle Project. He has now graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Here he is helping out and checking out the impressive size of the trees he planted 8 years ago.

Girl Scout troop 9414 spent about 90 min weeding the Triangle Garden in front of Shipley Nature Center, where HB Trees and Mesa View CA Jr. Scholarship students planted Redbuds on CA Arbor Day in March. The girls made a dent in the weed overgrowth there. This picture was taken afterwards, when the kids went over to see the Snowy Egrets nesting in the trees inside Shipley’s.

May 2023

Toyon, a.k.a. Christmas berry or California holly, is a resilient, drought-adapted habitat plant attracting pollinating butterflies and birds. Thanks to Brownie Troop 9379 from Christ Lutheran School in Costa Mesa, we now have 8 more of these iconic evergreen shrubs, which will grow to over 10 feet.

April 2023

Daisies plant Poppies– Troop 2281 from Seacliff Elementary received some gardening pointers for planting seeds that will bloom into California’s state flower.

March 2023

Following a planting lesson from Urban Forester Cheryl Johnson, 4th grade local Girl Scouts prepare to plant CA native Electric Blue Sage (Salvia chamaedryoides).

Eagle Scout candidate Joey (right) and his buddy did a fine job placing & securing railroad ties to enhance a portion of pathway in the Urban Forest. Eagle Scouting provides building blocks of leadership, service & community, & has led to many HB Central Park project improvements!

January 2023

New Tree IDs! Next time you’re in the Urban Forest, check out the 12 new tree species identification posts assembled & placed by Eagle Scout candidate Ruben Andelin & friends/family in between rain storms.


December 2022

Eagle Scout candidate Ryan, at left, with friends built a bench along the Shipley to Shore Trail near Ellis Avenue.

November 2022

From tackling tumbleweeds to mulching gardens, Cub Scout Pack 435 was a big help. We thank them for spending their Saturday doing a good turn.

Girl Scout Troop 5262 celebrated their Bridging ceremony in the Urban Forest. Bridging is a beloved Girl Scout tradition that honors girls’ achievements throughout the year and celebrates their “crossing the bridge” to the next Girl Scout level. These girls planted a Toyon grove near Ellis and Edwards Streets, and even better, come back regularly to water it!