Gibbs Butterfly Park

Happy Retirement
to Gibbs Restoration Coordinator Leslie Gilson

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Indy and Luna met at Gibbs this spring and became fast friends – or maybe reunited sisters!

During the lockdown, local children colored rocks and donated them to Gibbs Park for a rock garden.

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“The Metamorphosis of  Gibbs Butterfly Park,”
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Dec. 1, 2019 – The Monarch migration appeared at Gibbs Park in November. So far, about 100 clustering Monarchs have arrived.  

True to their slogan, “Do a good turn daily,” these Girl Scouts cleaned the Gibbs Park fence and butterfly tiles in October 2019. To see their chance encounter with an unusual visitor, please visit News from Gibbs Park.

“Gibbs Park went through a long-awaited revamp in September-October 2018,” shared Leslie Gilson, Gibbs Park restoration coordinator. “The plumbago was out of control and the natal plum was a maintenance nightmare. We will eventually plant the inside bed. The next steps are to make sure all the weeds are dead, then put a weed barrier up and add mulch to all of it. Minimal planting will be done to the outside.”

Gibbs Park is located off of Graham Street between Warner and Heil in Huntington Beach, CA.  It is widely known for its Butterfly Grove – providing, sustaining and enriching a local habitat for some of our planets most amazing creatures – including the majestic Monarch Butterfly.

Gibbs Park is as beautiful as it is today thanks to: the City of Huntington Beach, HB Tree Society, California ReLeaf, Community Employees Fund of The Boeing Company, Aera Energy, HomeDepot, Boy/Girl Scouts, the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, community volunteers, and the Gibbs park Restoration team led by Leslie Gilson.   This park has undergone an incredible transformation in the past few years.

The following “before and after” images are just a few examples of how much progress has been made at Gibbs Park!

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