Lifecycle Tile Project

Did you know that Dana Point artist Lubica Selecka created the beautiful butterfly tiles gracing Gibbs Park?  The artwork was commissioned by HB Tree Society volunteer and Gibbs Park Restoration Coordinator Leslie Gilson. “I interviewed seven artists for the project,” recalls Leslie. “She seemed to get what I wanted. I gave her a habitat and some caterpillars so she could observe all phases of the life of the Monarch. I explained that I wanted the life cycle of the Monarch with not many words so that little children could understand it.” Find more details about the project by clicking here.

The project has been completed with the life-cycle tiles placed, damaged tiles repaired and replaced, and re-grouting to finish the project.  The weather was a factor but the result of the work is spectacular!

A video of the complete Butterfly Tile Project is here.

View the finished tile pictures.

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