Monarch Research at Gibbs

November 24, 2014: Professor Francis Villablanca and his research team from the Biological Sciences Dept. at Cal Poly State University San Luis Obispo conducted a day of tagging and research on 50 butterflies. The butterflies were tagged with purple tags. They were tested for a disease specific to monarchs, wings measured, body density recorded, and females checked for eggs. Samples of the 4th instar caterpillars were taken back to their lab at school. Every third milkweed was checked. Some chrysalis were found and taken back to their lab.

We ask the public to please let us know if they see a purple tagged butterfly mating or laying eggs. You don’t need the tag number just the fact that they were laying and what day. You can contact Leslie by phone 714 335 5051 or email

Gibbs Tagging Cal poly 083 Gibbs Tagging Cal poly 061 Gibbs Tagging Cal poly 046 Gibbs Tagging Cal poly 042

November 15, 2014: Leslie saw some butterflies mating and the movie is here:

November 11, 2014: Bryan Burks from the LA Arboretum and Monika U. Moore from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo released five male monarchs. 2 of which were recaptured at the Park and are pictured.

Gibbs tagged butterfly's found 001 Gibbs tagged butterfly's found 007