Q. What do I bring?

A. We recommend bringing a water bottle and binoculars, if you have them. Wear sunscreen, a hat and closed-toed shoes.

Q. Can I record a bird I didn’t see but heard?

A. Yes. You may want to download the Merlin app for help with birds you see or hear. Learn more at merlin.allaboutbirds.org.

Q. If I use eBird app, do I have to complete the Urban Forest BIRD-A-THON tracking sheet?

A. No, if you’re using eBird, you won’t need use the  Urban Forest tracking sheet–your eBird report will suffice. Be sure, though, to have your location listed as “Huntington Central Park – Urban Forest,” and when completed “Share” the report via eBird to “Urban Forest” as a Shared Recipient for inclusion in the Bird-a-Thon.

Q. Is there a map? 

A. Yes, please click this link. It will indicate where to bird, where to park, and where the restrooms are, just outside of the Urban Forest.

Q. Am I allowed to bird on multiple days?

A. Yes, feel free to bird any daylight hours from Sept. 22 – 25.

Q. Are there age restrictions?

A. All ages are welcome. Birders will, however, need to be able to handle an intermediate-level walk on unpaved paths.

Q. Where are the pledge forms?

A. You will find all participation materials – including sponsorship request letters and pledge forms – by clicking here.

Q. Will results from the BIRD-A-THON be posted?

A. Yes, please watch the website for updates by Sept. 27.

Q. Who do I contact for more information?

A. Email UFbirder@gmail.com.