Overlook Park

Overlook Park, located near Seapoint and Garfield in Huntington Beach, is one of city’s newest parks, first planned and planted about 20 years ago. Using the Shipley to Shore Nature Trails that parallels paved Overlook Drive, one can view the wetlands, oil fields and Pacific Ocean.

Within the approximately five-acre park, HB Tree Society volunteers work to remove invasive non-native weeds, and have replaced them with a red bud tree, white, silver and coastal sages, monkey flowers in yellow orange and red, alliums, bladderpod, coastal oak, blue oak, toyon, sugar bush, lemonade berry and baja spurge. More native plants are added every week.

There’s lot of work yet to be done! Individuals interested in volunteering at Overlook Park are welcome! Learn more by clicking here.

Cat, a master gardener volunteering with the HB Tree Society, has been adding California natives for a lush, natural and sustainable landscape at Overlook Park for the past seven years. Here, she points out a thriving mallow (Hibiscus Californicus).