Tree Care


Click on the following links for tip sheets on protecting your trees from stress during the summer heat:
1. Trees’ watering needs and
2. How to water your tree responsibly

  • Water new trees once a week for the first two years.
  • Mulch around tree to control weeds, reduce moisture evaporation from the soil, and improve soil structure.
  • Weed to prevent competition from other plants that can inhibit young tree growth.
  • Periodically check staking and tying to ensure that they are not harming the trunk or branches as they grow.
  • Animals can damage young trees. If you have dogs, that may dig near the tree. Cats may scratch the trunk. To protect the tree, surround it with fencing two feet from its trunk.

This Oak tree is being robbed of nutrients by the encroaching plant in the foreground. Whether this plant was placed there or “volunteered,” it will need be removed to give the tree a chance. On the right is a Flannel Bush tree that began leaning-probably due to the wind. Instead of the proper corrective action of staking it, someone tried to stabilize the tree with rocks piled at the base.

Volunteer training videos:
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