Rock Stars

In late February 2023, HB Trees paid to have about a dozen large, “potato-colored” boulders donated by Site One Landscaping placed in front of Shipley Nature Center and near the Shipley to Shore Trail head.

Massive boulders like this one placed by the hilltop triangle on the Shipley to Shore Trail, and rock clusters that have appeared in the Urban Forest and Huntington Central Park East in recent years came through the generosity of Site ONe Landscaping as well as local nature lovers. They add a new dimension to landscape forestation, serve as trail markers, and add resting points along the trails. 


Urban Forest Volunteer Cheryl and what has affectionately been dubbed "Vortex Rock."

HB Urban Forest Volunteer Rock Star Cheryl, planting alongside and sitting on the trailside boulder that has been affectionately dubbed “Vortex Rock.” 


Kenley Westminster November 2016

Kenley – Westminster


Deuce & Sheila – Huntington Beach November, 2016

Deuce & Sheila Huntington Beach

Dwight – Huntington Beach October 2016

Dwight Huntington Beach


Volunteers Luke, Eric and Dao

his couple brought a Norfolk Island Pine to the Urban Forest, dug the hole, planted it and makes sure it gets watered.

This couple brought a Norfolk Island Pine to the Urban Forest, dug the hole, planted it and makes sure the tree is watered.


Chris (seated) and Craig

In 2018, the north end of the Urban Forest was graced with boulders perfect for sitting on and viewing one of Huntington Beach’s most picturesque places.


Boulders from the hippo enclosure in Irvine’s former Lion Country Safari arrived in the fall of 2016 in the Huntington Beach Urban Forest. The 100 tons of white sandstone breccia boulders were strategically placed, as specified by our landscaper, to dot the path through the Urban Forest; and beside new HB Central Park signage at Slater Avenue and Goldenwest Street. Read more about these magnificent rocks by clicking here.