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The legacy you leave through the Huntington Beach Tree Society can have a lasting impact, growing well beyond your lifetime.

Each tree planted augments, supplements and represents life. Your contribution of any size helps make a difference for a healthier planet and a greener community for future generations to enjoy. Please consider a way to give that works for you:

     * Tax-free IRA distribution          * Cash gift            * Donor-advised funds

A donor-advised fund is a convenient, tax deductible charitable giving program making it easy for a donor to direct tax-deductible funds to support our non-profit organization. Once you create this fund, you can suggest grants to the HB Tree Society to support tree-planting efforts.

For more details, please consult your professional financial advisor.

Grass Roots Restoration & Beautification 

Contributions go further in our all-volunteer organization that exists to bring back natural habitat. Each year for the past several years, HB Tree Society volunteers gave more than $500,000 in free labor, and it shows. That’s why HB Tree Society volunteers became the first ever to receive the Huntington Beach Mayor’s “Making a Difference” award.

Thanks to tree supporters’ donations of funding, skill-sets and sweat, we’ve recently added:

• Tons of rugged boulders

• Hummingbird bath/garden

• Irrigation

• Rainbow Garden

• Shipley to Shore Nature Trailside development

• 300+ bird-, butterfly- and bee-attracting plants and trees (CA-native and CA-friendly) in Huntington Beach Central Park in the past year, and 7,000 in the past two decades. Other native trees we’ve added include California Pepper, Oak, Redwood, Sequoia, Toyon, Desert Willow and Redbud.

Your donation will be matched with in-kind contributions of manual labor by local Scouting troops, high school students receiving service hours, and HB Tree Society volunteers. 100% of your tax-deductible donation will be used by our all-volunteer organization to forest the trail. Click on the boxes below for more specifics.

More reasons to donate to the HB Tree Society:  When you contribute to the HB Tree Society, Inc., you help keep one of nature’s most critical partnerships in balance.  Your donation is spent wisely, going straight toward getting trees and plants into the Southern California landscape by our all-volunteer organization.

City trees bring enormous economic benefits to those who live near them by increasing property value and reducing heating and cooling costs. Trees add to your overall health and to the enjoyment of living and work environments. Trees have enormous environmental values including climate control, soil erosion protection, carbon dioxide and oxygen balancing, filtering of pollution, energy conservation and providing wildlife habitat.  There are hundreds of beautiful bird species that depend on urban trees for their homes.

Where are the HB Tree Society projects?  Here are the areas we help to flourish in partnership with the City of Huntington Beach:

  • Central Park Drive
  • Gibbs Butterfly Park
  • Jack Green Area in Central Park E
  • Little Shell Wetlands
  • Secret Garden in Central Park E
  • Shipley to Shore Nature Trail
  • Urban Forest in Central Park SW
  • Irby Park

Dog Supporters

Are you and your dog enjoying outings through the Urban Forest & along the Shipley to Shore Nature Trail?  We welcome your support through funding and volunteering! To show our appreciation, Urban Forest best dog friend photos will be featured on

Studies show that planting trees is the best way to filter the air we breathe. By helping the Huntington Beach Tree Society, you help clean our air.

Please use the “Donate” link below. Alternatively, you can mail a check to us using our mailing address :

Huntington Beach Tree Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 1269
Sunset Beach, CA 90742