Huntington Beach Tree Society

Lots of birds seen & heard during HB Trees’ May 16 & 18, 2024 Bird-a-thon festivities in the HB Urban Forest. The focus was on teaching youth about native and vulnerable bird species, and the habitat that supports them. Our thanks to neighboring Free Rein Foundation for arranging to bring Sunburst Youth Academy cadets; So Cal Bluebird Club, who taught us how to protect and nurture the Western Bluebird (the Urban Forest’s mascot); to local Birding Expert Betty Kanne, and to all the HB Trees’ volunteers who helped make the event for the cadets, Scouts and community a soaring success!

Sign installation-day inspection – On April 6, 2024, HB Trees Board Members Betty, Juana & Jean celebrate the arrival of an informative new Urban Forest fixture – a map displaying the region’s geographical features, from the mountain ranges (within view many days) and their elevations, to the coastline, with significant landmarks shown. The HB Tree Society commissioned the map to foster a deeper connection between visitors and their surroundings, enriching the overall enjoyment of this picturesque vista point.


NEW TREES PLANTINGS HAVE BEGUN – Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Huntington Central Park in 2024 by helping replace at least 50 of the trees that have been lost in recent years. Please click here to donate. To learn more, please visit the Secret Garden page. Checks may be sent to PO Box 1269, Sunset Beach, CA  90742. Thanks for being tree-rific! Click on the photo above to see an ABC News clip about the 50 Tree for 50 Years initiative.

In 2023,
HB Tree Society
celebrated 25 years
of service in HB.
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Huntington Central Park got lots of love on Arbor Day, March 15. A big Thank You to Chevron for donating $50,000 for 50 trees in the park. To see a Daily Pilot article, click here. To view the Surf City TV Ch. 3 video, please click here.

The Secret Garden is no longer a secret! Click here to watch the Arch Ribbon-cutting Celebration.   

November in HB is Monarch Butterfly time, when these beauties return en mass to both Gibbs Butterfly Park and Huntington Central Park East, where they cluster in the Eucalyptus trees. While you are there, check out the new Monarch art adorning the park’s pylons, created by talented artist Lubica and commissioned by HB Trees, and the massive boulders added to the inner circle, shown on the Gibbs Park page.

Fall is the best season for planting in our region, especially when it comes to California-native plants & trees. From left, among the new trees put in the ground in & around the Urban Forest by these tree huggers include (from L) Deodar Cedar, Wooly Bush & fast-growing Cali Coastal Oaks

Stop and admire the view! Our thanks to Eagle Scout Candidate Annaleah LaParne, Troop 568G, and her team for creating a bench and rest area at the top of the hill along the Shipley to Shore Trail. For more Scouting outings, please click here

Sharing their elbow grease – A team of volunteers from Google spent a recent Friday morning with us to landscape and plant along the Shipley to Shore Trail. Their team coordinator told us, “What a beautiful space you guys are creating, we really enjoyed it!” Learn more about volunteering solo or as a group by clicking here.

“Incredible!” exclaimed Yvonne Schwab on a recent stroll around the Urban Forest. Yvonne was an original HB Tree Society member in 1998. Since then, she and husband Bill Hauser have been “greening” the park as annual contributors to the non-profit, all-volunteer HB Tree Society.

Leave a gift with the Huntington Beach Tree Society to have a lasting impact, growing well beyond your lifetime. To learn more, please visit our Donations page.

Let’s Grow!

Click here to find how you can help with forestation, beautification and restoration in Huntington Beach.
New volunteers are always welcome! To learn more, click here.

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Support, Doggie Style

Are you and your dog enjoying outings through the Urban Forest & along the Shipley to Shore Nature Trail?  We welcome your support through funding and volunteering! To show our appreciation, Urban Forest best dog friend photos will be featured on


Find money-saving coupons with your favorite stores among the 7,000+ merchants on Goodshop AND a percentage of your purchases can now be donated to HB Trees – at no cost to you!

Please take a few minutes to visit to register for free. The AmazonSmile program is no more, but you can still support us in making a greener, healthier community & planet!

Here’s how your groceries can make our community greener:

Visit Create or log into your Ralphs account. Click on “Community Rewards” & search for the non-profit HUNTINGTON BEACH TREE SOCIETY, then click Enroll.

It costs nothing to enroll or contribute, & funds forestation for generations. Let’s grow!

Check out these videos!

Saving Green, shot & produced by Matt Hanlon, is a 20-minute documentary with HB Tree Society volunteers who fought for decades to preserve & maintain HB’s parks, working with the city on a more sustainable model for managing city-owned green space.

A 3-minute presentation from 2020 showing why then Huntington Beach Mayor Lyn Semeta presented the HB Tree Society with the city’s first-ever “Making a Difference” Award.


Huntington Beach Tree Society (HBTS) was incorporated in 1998 as a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) with the purposes of:

  • Planting and maintaining trees
  • Educating the public about the benefits & importance of trees & California friendly plants
  • Enlarging our green environment (another name for plants/trees in cities) for the enjoyment and health of all
  • Increasing habitat for urban wildlife

Exceptional attributes: We are an equal opportunity, all-volunteer organization. Donations do not go to salaries.  We have a donated office and donated use of two trucks. Our dollars go a long way! To date we have purchased and planted more than 8,000 trees and CA-friendly plants growing in and around the Urban Forest, located in southwest Huntington Beach Central Park.

HB Central Park
Feathered Tree Fans

Visit the Bird watching in the Urban Forest page for regular updates on species observed.As habitat expands thanks to planting and nurturing by HB Tree Society volunteers, more birds, butterflies and other species are appearing!

Hummingbird in the HB Central Park Secret Garden

American Kestrel, Urban Forest (Photo by John O’Gara)



Cooper’s Hawk on the Shipley to Shore Trail

Black Phoebe, Urban Forest, dining on a dragonfly.

Great Horned Owl

Birder Lena Hayashi has been tallying bird counts at Shipley Nature Center for years. Since fall 2020, she and her team have been doing counts in the Urban Forest as well!  Click here to learn more. 


Checks may be sent to:

HB Tree Society
PO Box 1269
Sunset Beach, CA  90742