Red-tailed Hawk


Red-tailed Hawk

Scientific Name: Buteo jamaicensis
The Red-tailed Hawk, Buteo jamaicensis, is one of the most widespread and adaptable raptor species in North America, including the Huntington Beach area.

Plumage of the Red-tailed Hawk can vary greatly. Once mature, the most identifiable features of this species are its red tail, brown head, white breast with a brown belly band and long, rounded brown wings extending about four feet. Red-tailed Hawks inhabit the U.S. and Mexico year-round and can breed as far north as Canada and Alaska during the summer. Red-Tailed Hawks typically consume smaller mammals, as well as birds, rabbits and small reptiles.

Watch for Red-tailed Hawks soaring above the Urban Forest and perched in the taller trees and snags (dead trees). They are the most common bird of prey observed above roadsides throughout North America.

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