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Bird Survey – May 2024

Chilly Gray May overcast skies greeted the energetic team of monthly bird surveyors James Kendall (camera & scope), Dave Telford (camera), Sharon Telford and Betty Kanne as scribe. An explosion of colorful flowering plants and new bright green foliage throughout the Urban Forest and adjacent planted areas belied the otherwise somber early-morning weather. Each of [...]

Bird Survey – March 2024

The weather today was cold, in the 50s, overcast but calm.  Lena Hayashi, Betty Kanne (eBird), Jim Kendall, Dave and Sharon Telford, Brenda Sabin, Debra Gala, Deborah Brin, and Brian Bleecker counted all the birds heard and seen in the Urban Forest. The overcast skies didn’t dull the vibrant colors of the spring blooms throughout [...]

Bird Survey – Feb 2024

On this Leap Year Day, Lena Hayashi, Betty Kanne (eBird), Jim Kendall, Ellen Tipping, and Dave and Sharon Telford counted all the birds they could hear and see in the Urban Forest. The weather was in the 50s to mid-60s.  Mostly overcast and calm with sunlight in and out at the end of the survey. [...]

Bird Survey – Jan 2024

Unexpected rain didn’t stop the six volunteers who showed up this rainy morning.  Five of us crowded into Lena’s car while Jim Currie stayed dry in his vehicle.  We were all confident the rain would stop, and it only set us back 15 minutes.  Wet and muddy, occasionally drizzly, it was dark and overcast until [...]