Meet Our Residents


Meet Our Residents

Many species of plant and animal inhabit the Urban Forest! Our visitors and volunteers delight in the natural beauty that can be found all throughout the year.

Below are a few of our “residents”. How many will you see on your next visit? To discover even more occupants from our locations, view our species archive by clicking the button below!

Since moving to Huntington Beach more than 30 years ago, Sheila Holliday has been an avid fan of the city’s prolific parks, and especially Huntington Central Park, the largest municipal park in Orange County, CA. Sheila has given back to her community via the Huntington Beach Tree Society (HBTS) since 2014, both in the parks and online. Along with adding content to this website, she provides the community with updates about HBTS’s local forestation, and the fruit of those efforts, through She also assists with grant writing and fund raising to continue reforestation and beautification of the city’s parks and the Shipley to Shore Trail.

Sheila and her fellow HBTS volunteers are not only passionate about planting and maintaining trees, but also increasing awareness of their importance, with an added emphasis on teaching the next generation how and why to plant trees. To that end, she helps the Tree Society host community-wide special events, including bird-a-thons, walks, and annual California Arbor Day tree planting celebrations.