Jack Green Area


Jack Green Area

Located within the Pacific Flyway migration route, the Jack Green area is ideal as a bird watching and picnicking haven.

The late Jack Green (1926-2005), was mayor of Huntington Beach in 1969 and an early, forward-looking champion of the city’s Central Park and Central Library. As one of the pioneers of the open-space movement in Huntington Beach, Green worked with government officials and hundreds of private landowners to create the large park in north-central Huntington Beach.

Before and After

In 2017, the City of Huntington Beach cleared the northeastern portion of Huntington Central Park’s deteriorating Jack Green Nature Observation area, and partnered with the HB Tree Society on replanting.
Thanks to City Councilman Erik Peterson, City Attorney Michael E. Gates, City Manager Fred Wilson and tree-rific volunteers working together, improvements were completed by fall 2018!

To help replace the hundreds of trees lost in Central due to droughts, diseases and storms, a “50 trees for 50 years” campaign began in fall 2023 to celebrate the park’s 50th birthday and enhance it for future generations.  – Photos compliments of Steve Engel, with more available at www.facebook.com/pg/HBCentralPark

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Steve Engel

Steve Engel, along with his wife Shari, have been volunteering in Huntington Central Park (HCP) for over 20 years. Being founding members of the Friends of the Shipley Nature, they worked to create programs and events enjoyed by many volunteers and visitors to the Center. For the past 10 years they have worked to encourage a number of improvements to HCP East. Improvements include the Shipley Nature Center parking lot, pathway repaving, restroom restoration, the Secret Garden, Jack Green Restoration and much more.

Steve is also the driving force behind the 2024 "50 Trees for 50 Years" campaign, successfully replacing trees lost in the park.