How to Prune (Not Kill) Trees and Shrubs

This excellent video describes how to use the 3-cut method for pruning, and why that method is so important.  The video runs about 10-1/2 min. total.  During the first 5 min., John from Land Designs Unlimited talks about the damage that poor pruning can cause, and how the 3-cut method prevents that damage.  Your aim is to leave a “wound” that the tree can easily and quickly heal.  At about 5 min. 15 sec., he discusses the correct tool to use when you prune:  a pruning saw (there are several in the shed), NOT a handsaw or lopping shears.  During the last 4 min., he demonstrates the 3-cut method, and includes a couple of extra tips.  This video is well worth your time!

How to Prune Trees and Shrubs

In this 4-1/2-minute video, Joe Lamp’l starts by talking about the good reasons to prune.  He then gives specific tips on when to prune (and when not to!), where to make pruning cuts, and how much to take off the plant.  He also describes how to prune to promote new growth, especially in flowering plants and shrubs.

Pre-soak Plants and Soil Before Planting

This short article and accompanying video describe 3 easy steps to take that will help new plants “settle in” well. The comment about being patient when you soak the planting hole is especially important up in the Urban Forest — because most of our soil up there has a high clay content. Ditto the comment about tamping down the soil after you’ve planted the plant, to get rid of “air holes.”