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Scouting Outings

Scouts are some of HB Trees most dedicated and effective volunteers. Throughout our 25+ year history, scouts have provided countless hours of volunteer work and have contributed many permanent improvements to the parks of Huntington Beach.

If you are a scout leader and would like to visit one of our locations with your troop, please contact us.

If you are scout that has an idea for a project, please contact us.

Click the button below to see our archives of scouting outings with HB Trees!

Everyone involved with our organization, from Volunteer to President, brings immense value and purpose to the work we do.

This article was written by a Huntington Beach Tree Society team member with a sincere passion to help the world we all share get better with each passing day.

If you would like to get involved and make a difference today, we invite you to connect with us.

2 responses to “Scouting Outings

  1. Good afternoon
    My Daisy Troop 3317-Seacliff Elementary is looking to earn a “Make the World a better place” badge and hoping to come visit and volunteer some time on Monday, July 10th
    Would love some feedback and the opportunity to create a lasting memory and help out there.
    Please let me know.
    Suha Stoner = Troop Leader

    1. Hi Suha,

      Thank you for your interest in organizing a scouting event with us! Currently, the best way to arrange a scouting outing with HBTrees is to contact Jean Nagy directly using her cell phone number (texting is best). This information is on our contact page.

      I sent you this information via email as well and hope it reaches you. Wishing you and your troop a wonderful time. =)

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