HB Urban Forest BIRD-A-THON

A Sensational Sept. 22-25, 2022, HB Urban Forest BIRD-A-THON

On behalf of the Huntington Beach Tree Society, my Western Bluebird family and all the birds in the HB Urban Forest, I’d like to thank all who participated in the first-ever Huntington Beach Urban Forest BIRD-A-THON. We hope to see you again soon! (Photo by Urban Forest birder James Kendall)

Fresh Air & Fun for Everyone!

The fall Huntington Beach Urban Forest BIRD-A-THON was a four-day fundraiser for planting and bird-friendly improvements at the Urban Forest. Similar to a walk-a-thon, bird-watching participants competed as individuals or teams, raising pledge money by counting birds and bird species, recording data on the popular eBird app. Participants could “bird” the park any daylight hours on any day from Thursday through Sunday in order to be included in the bird-friendly competition. No prior birding knowledge or experience was required to join the fun. Many participants were delighted to discover this increasingly verdant expanse for the first time.

Using BIRD-A-THON pledges and donations, the HB Tree Society intends to welcome back CA Gnatcatchers, just as HB Trees’ prolific planting throughout the increasingly lush Urban Forest has attracted so many other bird species.

BRINGING BACK NATIVE HABITAT & CA GNATCATCHERS – Urban Forest BIRD-A-THON 2022 proceeds will help fund the purchase and planting of (clockwise from top left) California Buckwheat (Eriogonum fasciculatum), Laurel Sumac (Malosma laurina), a Coast Live Oak (Quercus agrifolia) forest, Lemonade Berry (Rhus integrifolia) and Bush Penstemon (Keckiella antirrhinoides), all of which serve as habitat for California Gnatcatchers and scores more of our most cherished resident and migrating bird species. Reduction of this habitat in so much of our region has led to California Gnatcatchers being placed on the California Endangered Species List.


More highlights coming soon. Please email us today at UFbirder@gmail.com. for more information.