Arbor Day


2023 CA Arbor Day

What a productive & pleasurable CA Arbor Day, thanks to Mesa View School’s Cal. Jr. Scholarship Federation 8th graders; HB staff & dignitaries, plus Shipley Nature Center & HB Tree Society volunteers! Flowering trees, plants, rocks & mulch really “spruced up” Central Park West. We so appreciate VIP Council Members Rhonda Bolton & Natalie Moser [...]

2021 CA Arbor Day

On March 13, 2021, tree huggers gathered for a California Arbor Day forestation celebration present by the HB Tree Society. To commerate the event, 3 jacaranda and 3 floss-silk trees were planted and mulched. The event also featured refreshments, a reading of the poem “Trees” by HB Trees Volunteer Manager Ann Anderson, and inspirational tree [...]

2020 CA Arbor Day

Jacaranda Grove Given on California Arbor Day, 2020. Within a few years, six Jacaranda trees, planted by HB Tree Society volunteers and President Jean Nagy (bottom row) along the trail paralleling Ellis Ave., should branch out, bloom, and carpet the trailside with blue trumpet flowers. California Arbor Day on March 7, brought out cadets from [...]

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