Urban Forest Bird-a-thon 2024


Urban Forest Bird-a-thon 2024


Urban Forest
6711 Ellis Avenue,
Huntington Beach, CA 92648


May 16, 2024 - May 18, 2024    
All Day

Lots of birds seen & heard during HB Trees’ May 16 & 18, 2024 Bird-a-thon festivities in the HB Urban Forest. The focus was on teaching youth about native and vulnerable bird species, and the habitat that supports them. Our thanks to neighboring Free Rein Foundation for arranging to bring Sunburst Youth Academy cadets; So Cal Bluebird Club, who taught us how to protect and nurture the Western Bluebird (the Urban Forest’s mascot); to local Birding Expert Betty Kanne, and to all the HB Trees’ volunteers who helped make the event for the cadets, Scouts and community a soaring success!

Remember to bring your binoculars!
Betty Kanne

Betty Kanne is a passionate birder based in Huntington Beach, California, known for her captivating "Bird of the Month" features authored for the HB Tree Society. With a keen eye and a deep appreciation for avian life, Betty brings to life the diverse array of bird species that call the Huntington Beach area home.

Betty's contributions play a vital role in raising awareness about the importance of birds in our ecosystems. Her dedication to sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for birding inspires others to engage with nature and become stewards of their local environment, fostering a deeper connection between the community and the rich avian diversity of Huntington Beach, California.

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