Accomplishments in 2014


Accomplishments in 2014

2014 was a very busy year for HB Trees. We were active every month of the year and had many scout trips and volunteer days.


  • 01/18/14 – Two new Trees planted in the UF
  • 01/20/14 – Tree information sign installed in the UF
  • 01/22/14 – Escorted California ReLeaf director, Chuck Mills, to recent “grant” projects, the Urban Forest, and Gibbs Park


  • 02/08/14 – Girl Scout troop waters Burke Park trees
  • 02/10/14 – Removed the first 2-sections of chainlink fencing at the UF
  • 02/20/14 – Managed tree trimming at the UF


  • 03/01/14 – FV High School volunteers planted 3-trees and 20-plants in the UF
  • 03/13/14 – Arbor Day event in Central Park, planted 6-Pepper Trees
  • 03/15/14 – 36 volunteers planted 25-trees and 10-plants in the UF
  • 03/29/14 – Edison High School volunteers planted 6-trees and spread mulch in the UF


  • 04/05/14 – 6-volunteers planted 7-plants and spread mulch in Overlook Park
  • 04/16/14 – Met with equestrian group regarding UF and surrounding trails
  • 04/19/14 – Eight Girl Scouts, with family members planted 20-Milkweed plants in the UF
  • 04-26-14 – Day of Service volunteers (Mormon Church) planted 20-Milkweed in the UF and 6-plants in Overlook Park while more members spread mulch  in Central Park


  • 05/17/12 – Girl Scout troop waters Burke Park trees
  • 05/18/14 – Local volunteer, Neil, brought 20 members of his church to trim and spread mulch in the UF
  • 05/31/14 – Planted 23-milkweed plants in the Curb Appeal area of Shipley Nature Center


  • 06/01/14 – Attended Court of Honor for Eagle Scout
  • 06/07/14 – Eagle Scout, Alex Pham, led his project team in planting 5-Coast Live Oak trees and 50-nectar plants on the West side of Gibbs Park
  • 06/21/14 – Eagle Scout, Ryan Kassel, lead his project team in planting 21 trees at Pegasus elementary school
  • 06/19/14 – Planted 20-Milkweed across from the Sage Triangle at SNC
  • 06/25/14 – Tree Conference in San Diego attended by Jean Nagy and Ann Anderson


  • 07/12/14 – Planted 5-trees and 10-California native plants in the UF
  • 07/18/14 – 25-Milkweed plants added to Curb Appeal by Gail & Dedra (SNC volunteers)
  • 07/19/14 – Planted 7-California native plants in the UF
  • 07/24/14 – Local High School volunteers planted 25-Narrow leaf Milkweed in the UF
  • 07/26/14 – Eagle Scout, Steve Yaghoubi, installed 2-benches and planted 1-Oak Tree and 5-Sage bushes in the UF for his eagle project
  • 07-29-14 – Volunteers help remove invasive plants where fence (Post and Rail) will be installed

This month also saw Nancy and Ann adding plants, watering and weeding at SNC Curb Appeal; Jean and Ann doing tree care in the UF every Saturday; Bert watering by the creek at the UF; Michael watering Overlook Park twice a week, and Alex and Leslie watering trees in Gibbs Park.


  • 08/09/14 – John provided information and guidance on irrigation in the UF
  • 08/14/14 – Coordinate w/Priscilla to get 35-native plants from a nursery going out of business
  • 08/23/14 – Volunteers worked in the UF
  • 08/28/14 – Acquired 6-trees and 14-plants from Shade Tree Partnership


  • 09/02/14 – Planted 11-Milkweed outside the fence at SNC
  • 09/10/14 – Prepared annual flier for distribution
  • 09/11/14 – Installed Post and Rail fencing at UF
  • 09/30/14 – Assigned Memorial tree in Central Park


  • 10/04/14 – Planted 6 (small) Coast Live Oak trees in the UF
  • 10/07/14 – Ann and Jean worked w/Orange Coast Fencing during installation of $2,000 worth of  addition fencing
  • 10/09/14 – Met with city officials to discuss Central Park Drive beautification project
  • 10/13/14 – Coordinated w/Priscilla to secure 51 additional plants/trees
  • 10/18/14 – Planted to additional trees outside the fence of the UF


  • Meet with volunteers every Saturday morning to plant and mulch in the Urban Forest and Overlook Park


  • 12/10/14 – Holiday lunch for HB Tree Society, Inc. volunteers
  • 12/13/14 – 50-volunteers mulched trails and open areas in the UF

Everyone involved with our organization, from Volunteer to President, brings immense value and purpose to the work we do.

This article was written by a Huntington Beach Tree Society team member with a sincere passion to help the world we all share get better with each passing day.

If you would like to get involved and make a difference today, we invite you to connect with us.

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