Bird Survey – January 2023


Bird Survey – January 2023

Urban Forest Monthly Survey
January 26, 2023
32 Species, 169 Individuals
(unofficial survey)

The survey was cancelled due to high winds but Lena Hayashi, Betty Kanne, and Jim Currie braved the 17 and 22 mph bursts to do the best they could.  The wind acted like a giant leaf blower and blew all the fallen leaves out from under the trees and bushes!  Other than the flock of Western Meadowlarks and American Robins, very few of each of the other species were seen.  Few birds stayed still long enough for photos.

Wishing all a wonderful 2023!

Lena Hayashi

Lena Hayashi is a passionate birder and an integral part of the birding community in Huntington Beach, California. For years, she has dedicated herself to tallying bird counts at Shipley Nature Center. In the fall of 2020, Lena expanded her birding endeavors by spearheading monthly bird surveys in the Urban Forest.

Through these surveys, Lena and the other participating birders photograph and document the presence and abundance of bird species in the area. This data is then shared publically via eBird, for researching trends and patterns in bird populations and migration.

Her dedication to bird conservation has earned her respect among fellow birders and conservationists alike. By sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm with others, Lena inspires individuals of all ages to connect with nature and become stewards of their local ecosystems. Her efforts serve as a reminder of the importance of citizen science and community involvement in preserving the rich biodiversity of Huntington Beach and beyond.

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