Eagle Project – Red Bark Eucalyptus


Eagle Project – Red Bark Eucalyptus

Charlie Gibbons planted Red Bark Eucalyptus trees for his Eagle Project. He has now graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Here he is helping out and checking out the impressive size of the trees he planted 8 years ago.

Arline Pohlman

HB Trees' Arline and Matt Pohlman became active in the forestation of Huntington Central Park in 2023, when they came with their entire family to donate and plant their first tree on the west side of the Urban Forest.

Since then, the couple has planted multiple native Oak trees and plants, and added tree stumps for seating. Simultaneously, they have removed invasive weeds – especially mustard and the highly toxic Caster Bean plant – to create a mini-oasis for visitors.

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