Right on time!


Right on time!

Wow. Right on time the roosting is starting at Gibbs. We have yet to see the cloud of butterflies come yet but it’s early. We have about two different sites that they are in. One site is back by the circle of flowers and the other is opposite the circle. I am only counting about 15 now but am sure more will come. Stay tuned.

Rechecked the tree this morning and saw 5 monarchs in the same place! Here is a picture of 4 of them. Hooray! Migration season is here again!

Gibbs Oct 23 2014 006

Later on, we captured an image of the partial solar eclipse and Leslie got a great picture of more roosting monarchs here (click on it to see a full size version of the butterflies). If you happen to see the cloud of butterflies flying on in, please let us know!


Leslie Gilson

Leslie Gilson is retired Gibbs Park restoration coordinator.  For many years she was a primary driver of events and activities at Gibbs Park. Leslie has played a pivotal role in organizing events and activities aimed at preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of this once badly neglected space in Huntington Beach, California.

Under her guidance, Gibbs Park has become not only a place of recreation but also a thriving ecosystem teeming with Monarch Butterflies, as well as other native flora and fauna.

Leslie Gilson's unwavering dedication to Gibbs Park and her community serves as a shining example of the positive impact we can make. Her legacy will continue to inspire future generations to cherish and protect the natural wonders of Huntington Beach for years to come.

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